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Fully Customisable Rugby Kits, Shirts, Shorts and Socks

From traditional hoops, to intricate new designs, GFORCE's fully customisable rugby shirts and shorts will help your team to terrify the opposition more than any Maori haka. Whatever your code, whether league, union or rugby 7s, our kits can withstand any scrum or maul. And they're easy to wash and care for too.
That's one of the reasons why rugby teams the length and breadth of the UK choose GFORCE rugby sportswear time and time again. But they also choose us because they like to win.

GFORCE - The Kits of Champions

We could tell you about our storied history. Of providing kits to everyone from the Scottish Rugby team to the Leicester Tigers. But we won't. All we'll say is this. We've proved that our sublimated rugby shirts are worn by champions, by wearing our own shirts in the Leicester Corporate 7s tournament. Which we won – two years running!
We're not saying it's all down to the kit, but sublimated rugby shirts definitely played a part. So follow in our footsteps by choosing a unique, hard-wearing dye sublimated rugby shirt from our range. We'll put together a unique design, and you'll wear it to victory.

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