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10 Interesting Facts About Wimbledon

Added 05 Jul 2017 by GFORCE

Wimbledon is one of the most famous tennis tournaments in the world, but did you know these 10 things about the prestigious event?

1. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament in the world. Wimbledon is considered to be the most prestigious of all the four Grand Slams and has been played since 1877.

2. Players must strictly wear white at the tournament. The rules state "No solid mass of colouring; little or no dark or bold colours; no fluorescent colours or preference towards pastel colours on any items. Even Roger Federer was pulled by organisers for sporting orange soles on his trainers.

3. Players were once referred to as Mrs and Miss as per their marital status. For 132 years females were referred to by their marital name on scoreboards such as Miss and Mrs, whilst Mr has never been used. Male players have never had the title 'Mr' on scoreboards and only in 2009 was this bill moved so that no title is used for women in a step towards sexual equality.

4. The Centre Court has survived a War World II bombing and now boasts of a roof that prevents rain delays during the tournament. Five bombs hit the Centre Court at the All England Club, destroying 1,200 seats, during World War II. The area was brought back to its former glory by the officials in 1949, even though play had resumed in 1946.

5. Wimbledon has a special kind of security. The tournament sees some high-profile celebrities in attendance, which call for lots of security, however there’s a very special Hawk named Rufus in charge of security dealing with London’s pigeon menace. He flies over the grounds to ward off the pigeons and has been doing for 15 years.

6. The players don’t get to keep their trophies. After the respective finals have concluded and the trophies have been presented, the winning players have to return the silverware they've just won. The trophies are then put on display at the All England Club’s museum. Fortunately, the winners do get to take home a replica of the trophy as proof of the pudding. But the real trophies remain safely in a glass case for posterity!

7. Strawberries and Cream… Yum! Strawberries and cream, a preferred delicacy for the English, is a favourite among fans coming from all over the world. Every year at Wimbledon, around 28,000 kg of strawberries are eaten along with 7,000 litres of cream. The Strawberries are produced in Kent and picked the day before served at Wimbledon, arriving at 5:30am for a quality control check.

8. Players used to bow to the Royal Box upon entering or leaving the Centre Court. However, in 2003, the President of the All England Club, the Duke of Kent, decided to discontinue that tradition. The players are now supposed to bow only if His Royal Highness Prince of Wales, or Her Majesty the Queen is present.
This new tradition was followed at the 2010 Championships, when the Queen was in attendance.

9. Wimbledon’s longest match. The longest Wimbledon match on record was between John Isner and Nicolas Mahut in 2010 and lasted for 11 hours and 5 minutes, over three days.

10. Yellow balls were introduced to Wimbledon in 1986. Prior to 1986 the balls at Wimbledon use to be white, the change was due the fact the white balls could not be seen easily by the umpires or on the television.

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