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The GFORCE Guide To…Roller Derby

Added 05 Mar 2020 by GFORCE

In this month’s GFORCE Guide to… we get our skates on and turn to Roller Derby.

This high-speed sport sees two teams of up to 15 players each field up to five members for episodes called ‘jams’. These players go head-to-head for a maximum of two minutes. Each team selects a scoring player, known as the ‘Jammer’ who can score points by lapping the opposition around an oval track.

The remaining four teammates (referred to as the ‘Blockers’) try to stop the opposition’s jammer getting round the track. They can use body contact, changing positions and other tactics to hinder the opposing team's jammer from getting round the track.

The next jam may involve different players of the 15 roster players so it’s fast-paced and intense as well as being high scoring, hard hitting and highly addictive contact sport – but what does it take to be a roller derby skater?

Firstly, players need good core body strength to tackle all the slides, stops, jumps and hits they encounter on the track whilst whizzing round at top speed. Equally, quick thinking reflexes are essential when it comes to reacting to opponents’ moves.
Resilience is needed, too. Roller derby isn’t for the faint hearted! It’s a very physical, full contact sport that will leave you with bruises.

Knowing the right techniques to move, jump and hit safely is important, ensuring players avoid injury.
But those who play it swear it’s addictive and the sport is growing in popularity as a result, with now more than 100 leagues across the UK.

Here at GFORCE it is also a sport close to our hearts as we recently announced the renewal of our partnership as official sponsors of the England Men’s Roller Derby team.

We’ve created and sponsored an all-new look for the squad as they prepare for the World Cup in July, helping the team to look the part as they take on teams from around the globe in 2020.


*images via Floyd King Derby 

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