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GFORCE customers demenstrate their creativity

Added 02 Jan 2013 by GFORCE

GFORCE by Gymphlex Ltd recently ran a competition which challenged UK netball teams to put their creativity to the test by submitting a design which exploits the capabilities of the G-Sub dye sublimation service. The entries were of a very high standard, but there could be only one winner; Elle Rockett, Team Captain from the Bridgnorth Rockettz. The design had an intergalactic theme, with planets and a rocket blasting from the front of the dress to the back.

The G-SUB service enables customers to create limitless designs, utilising any colours they wish. This flexible service is perfect for those looking for something unique, as were Bridgnorth Rockettz. Elle Rocket comments:-

“With a name like Bridgnorth Rockettz there was no doubt about what sort of design we should have, and I had great fun putting together the entry. The final dress is great, all of the girls love it and we are looking forward to playing in it throughout 2013.”

Bridgnorth Rockettz U16 play on a Friday night and in a weekend league in Shrewsbury. Originally formed to encourage people to return back to netball, the team has aspirations to enter the Summer league in 2013.

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