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Look after your kit, and it’ll look after you!

Added 16 Jul 2021 by GFORCE

Comfortable, clean kit goes hand in hand with a brilliant performance where you look and feel your best. That’s why it’s essential to look after your sportswear, so that you can achieve those personal bests without any limitations. The best teamwear is flexible, durable, breathable and moves with you no matter what you demand from it on the field. But it’s important to do your bit to look after it too! If you need some help on how to take care of yours, we’ll share our best advice with you in this blog.

Just some of the benefits of a really clean kit that feels fresh are that you feel ready for action, feel more confident, and if you’re part of a club, it helps keep the whole team looking presentable when you turn up to games each week. A slick uniform helps the group really feel and act as part of one unit working together to win!

In terms of how to look after your gear, here are some of our top tips.

Wash your kit as soon as possible
Whether your kit is covered in caked-on mud or just has a slight odour, it’s vital to wash it immediately after a game or performance as leaving it for a while can accelerate the degradation of your clothing. Cleaning it doesn’t just remove those pesky stains and smells, but it will also improve the longevity of your sportswear.

Wash it, thoroughly, at 30 degrees
A rinse simply won’t cut it. Your kit needs a deep clean because water alone won’t break down sweat and dirt fully if it’s embedded in the fabric. However, be sure to wash your high-performance fabrics at 30 degrees maximum and always check the label. Washing at a lower temperature should give an extension to the life span of your kit and it’s more environmentally friendly too!

Add an antibacterial cleanser
We recommend using our Dettol Antibacterial Laundry Cleanser which means you can wash your sportswear at a lower temperature safe in the knowledge that the product will have the same effect on any bacteria present as when washing at 60°C.

The cleanser,  kills 99.9% of bacteria, works even in cold washes, boasts a 12hour freshness and is dermatologically tested and non-bio. Available from us in a 1.5L bottle, you just add two capfuls to the softener drawer of your washing machine alongside your normal detergent. It’s as simple as that – and leaves your kit feeling and smelling great

Turn it inside out
It’s a great idea to remember to turn your kit inside out for protection. If you have a kit with a printed logo or dye sublimation, make sure to always do this to preserve the design and do not tumble dry it.

Following these easy tips will help ensure  your kit will last longer, giving you a better performance every time you put it on as you’ll know it’s in tip-top condition.

For more information about GFORCE Sportwear visit: www.gforcesportswear.co.uk

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