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Roller Derby: The inside track

Added 19 Jun 2017 by GFORCE

Following the recent announcement of our partnership with the England Men’s Roller Derby team, Niks Kent – team manager gives us an insight into the sport and why they’ve teamed up with GFORCE.

Trying to describe roller derby in a couple of sentences is like trying to explain quidditch to muggles!  If you took the ball away from rugby, put the players on quad roller skates, sent them in circles around a cycling track, using chess-like strategies, you’d probably be half way there.

Two teams of 14 roller skaters play five skaters for a maximum of two minutes. One player from each team wears a star on their head (‘jammer’) and scores points by lapping the opposition around an oval track. 
The rest of the team (‘blockers’) try to simultaneously stop the opposition jammer, whilst get their jammer through.  It’s fast paced, high scoring, mind-blowingly strategic, hard hitting, and really addictive

England Men’s Roller Derby are the crème de la crème of English roller derby.  The best players in the country are selected and train together to complete in the two yearly Men’s Roller Derby World Cup.
After two silver medals, in 2018 we will compete in Barcelona to bring home the gold (and hopefully celebrate with England Roller Derby, who are competing in the women’s world cup in Manchester in February 2018!).

We’re delighted to be sponsored by GFORCE Sportswear. We were super impressed with their professional sublimated kits, their flexibility and enthusiasm for embracing our crazy sport. 

Very quickly GFORCE embraced our unique needs (tiny hats for helmets with stars on please!) and are putting together a range of apparel that makes us look formidable on and off track.  We can’t wait for training to start in autumn and put our kit through its paces. 

As the fastest growing sport in the UK, there is a good chance there is a team near you. 
Roller derby is one of the most inclusive and diverse sports out there and whether you cannot wait to get on in there and hit someone, or you are a whizz with a clipboard and score sheet, there is definitely a role for you! 

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