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The World Games - What is it?

Added 20 Jul 2017 by GFORCE

The World Games offers a multitude of diverse, popular and spectacular sports that are not contested in the Olympic Games. The World Games provide the unique setting for thousands of athletes from different sports and countries to join in a celebration and unite in their common search for excellence. Held every four years, one year after the Summer Olympic Games, it is the main event for all niche sport athletes.

A number of the sports that were on the programme of The World Games have been discontinued because they are now included in the programme of the Olympic Games, for example badminton, beach volleyball, trampolining, rugby sevens, taekwondo, triathlon and women's weightlifting. Other sports have been Olympic sports in the past (like tug of war).  

Some of the sports that are held at The World Games are acrobatic gymnastics, ultimate, orienteering, body building, korfball, billiards, water skiing and dance sport. 

The World Games are staged over a period of 11 days. They start with the Opening Ceremony and conclude with the Closing Ceremony. The organisation is entrusted by the IWGA to a Local Organizing Committee formed by the host city and entities such as the regional and national governments, the National Olympic Committee and other sporting authorities.


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