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GFORCE Guide To... Volleyball

Added 12 Sep 2018 by GFORCE

This September, the Women’s Volleyball World Championships are set to take place, bringing together the leading female teams from across the globe to compete in Japan. To mark the occasion, in our latest GFORCE Guide, we take a closer look at the sport and what it involves.

Volleyball is a lively team sport played by teams of six, who stand either side of a net on a court similar to that of a tennis or badminton playing space. There’s not much difference between men and women’s volleyball, apart from the height of the net. In the women’s game it should stand at 2.24m high – while for men, it’s slightly higher at 2.43m. 
Games are won by making sure that the ball doesn't hit the floor while it is on your side of the court. This is usually done by players using their hands and arms to keep the ball airbourne – although the rules allow contact to be made with the ball, using any part of the body. 

The team scores a point in one of three ways: If the opposition lets the ball hit the floor on their side of the court; If the opposition hits the ball outside of the court boundaries; or if the opposition hits the net with either the ball or a part of their body.

Teams are each allowed three touches of the ball between players before they have to pass it back across the net.
Players often use these three touches to control the ball and set it up high so that between them, they can hit it downwards over the net as hard as they can, making it difficult for the other team to stop or control the ball.As such, high jumping and controlled but powerful shots, as well as quick blocking reflexes are the main skills needed in the game, which has been part of the Olympic programme since 1964.

Today, competition is still fierce, with Brazil, USA and the former Soviet Union the only nations to ever win a gold medal more than once in a men's tournament. Only five nations have ever won a gold in the women's game.
Beach volleyball is a popular variation of the sport which is played with only two players. There are many other less popular variations though, including a version which is played on snow!
Volleyball is an energetic, true team sport which requires communication and a whole lot of strength and skill, so give volleyball a try and see if you've got what it takes.

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