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Added 23 Feb 2017 by GFORCE

GFORCE Teamwear is proud to have supplied Leicester Squash Club with a range of brand new kit for its Premier Squash League squad to wear. Here, in our latest guest blog, Alan Clyne, Scotland’s number 1 squash player who is also an integral part of Leicester Squash Club, gives us the lowdown about his love of all things sport!

1. When and how did you get into squash?

My dad took me along to a squash club in Inverness up in the Highlands of Scotland when I was five years old. At a young age I played all different sports though including a lot of football and any sport in school like basketball and hockey. But I just continued playing squash and loved it.

2. What do you most enjoy about playing squash?

There are so many aspects to squash as a sport – there’s the physical aspect, technical and mental side of things. So many areas you can improve and it’s also interesting to see how different bodies work such as tall guys who can do one lunge to the ball and small guys like me who are more agile and have to use their strengths that way. In a sport like basketball height is such as strong factor but in squash it’s not like that and any body type can play and succeed so I really like that.

3. Where is the most interesting place you’ve played squash and why?

Well, I have been to a lot of places now to play squash. Several years ago I went to Reunion Island which is French but off the coast of Africa which I loved because it was a bit different.

4. Do you think squash will ever be an Olympic sport?

I think it has got to at some point but whether that is in the near future I can’t really say. I’m hoping so.

5. Do you think squash gets the recognition it deserves?

I think it’s improving as a sport and we are pushing it. The quality of the TV coverage has got much better which has helped because when I first started playing it was really hard to see the ball and follow on TV and there is none of that anymore. Obviously you can really appreciate how fast and strong the players are by watching from the venue but you can get a good aspect on TV now as well which is helping to promote the sport. We are making the sport bigger and more globalised and eventually it will get the recognition it deserves.

6. If you weren’t a squash player what other sport would you do?

Football without a doubt. I love football, I don’t get to play it really now. Once a year we play for fun at Christmas but that is all I can afford to play just in case of injuries.

7. Which sports person do you most admire?

One of the sports I am also really into is boxing, I don’t think I would ever do it but I love watching and following it! I loved watching Prince Naseem Hamed fight for the entertainment value. It’s not the same way I play squash but I enjoy watching him!

8. What do you plan to do after squash?

I’ve not really thought about it. I went to University and did a degree in physical education teaching but I think I will probably go into coaching, where in to the world that is I don’t really know but I’m not looking to retire yet so maybe in a few years’ time!

9. If you could plan a dinner party, which four sports people would you invite and why?

I support St Johnstone FC so I’ll have the top four players from that team Danny Swanson, Steven MacLean, Brain Easton and Steven Anderson so I can chat St Johnstone with them!

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