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Putting more roar into kit design

Added 25 Oct 2016 by GFORCE

Cloud Leopard Lacrosse team take their name from the stunning and stealthy Clouded Leopard which patrols the Forests of South East Asia. With such an inspirational mascot, Cloud Leopard needed to project a fearsome image, and called upon the GFORCE teamwear service to create a kit that would leave the opposition quaking. A picture tells a thousand words, and the Cloud Leopard team photo demonstrates exceptionally well how the team have brought the spirit of jungle survival to the Lacrosse field.

Cloud Leopard are the college lacrosse team for Girton College in Cambridge. They play in the Cambridge University League, consistently performing well in the first division. They struck upon their unusual name after adopting a Clouded Leopard as their mascot a few years ago, and decided to use the team as an opportunity to raise the profile of this magnificent and endangered animal. Finnoula Taylor who Captains alongside Alis Song comments:-

"We have an inspirational animal at the heart of our team, which has given us the opportunity to go wild with our image. We are fortunate to have a very creative team member, Anthony Rubinstein, who designed the kit and also took the brilliant photograph. He grasped the potential of the dye-sublimation and ran with it to create a kit to get everyone talking. The quality is outstanding - we all love it and with such a cool kit we are optimistic we will be able to attract several new members come Freshers' Week."

The Dye-Sublimation service from GFORCE is unrivalled in the flexibility it affords customers. Using state of the art technologies, customers can choose to have literally any design printed onto their shirt, with as many colours, logos, patterns etc as they want. Cloud Leopard have run away with this idea, designing an incredibly stylish kit that demonstrates very effectively how the service can be used imaginatively.

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