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Cricket Whites and Customised Cricket Kits

Cricket is a Great British Institution – just like Gymphlex and GFORCE’s sportswear. We've been supplying cricket kits since 1906, kitting out generations of cricketers from village team bowlers to England test batsmen.
Thanks to our modern range of customisable cricket shirts, trousers, overshirts and kits, we're able to provide your cricket club with everything from your training kits to your matchday strips – in a range of colours and designs to meet your every need. In fact, we're sure our cricket kits will hit you for six!

No Need for Spin: Our Sublimated Shirts Are Sublime

Every cricketer needs a pristine set of whites in their kit bag. That was true when we provided Dennis Compton with his England kit in 1947, and it's true today. But more and more clubs are choosing custom strips too – which is where our dye sublimated cricket shirts and trousers come in.
Created to your team's exact specifications, our custom cricket kits use dye sublimation to create a vivid, long-lasting design that stands out from the crowd – which is why Lincolnshire County Cricket and the Isle of Man cricket team both choose GFORCE! Join them, by contacting us today. We'll start work on your kit as soon as we receive your design.

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