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Customisable Curling Shirts, Shorts and Tracksuits

The bobsled is dangerous, figure skating finicky and nobody's sure what a luge even is. When it comes to winter sports, there's only one game in town for Great Britain, and that's curling. Encouraged by Team GB's showing at recent Winter Games, the UK public is embracing curling in huge numbers – and thanks to GFORCE, they're doing it in style.
We carry a full range of completely customisable curling shirts, shorts and tracksuits that'll allow you to enjoy curling in complete comfort. In fact, we've got all the curling clothing needed to fit out your team, old or new. Just don't ask us to provide the ice!

Sublimated Curling Kit

If your curling team is looking to make a real impression out on the ice, our sublimated curling kits are one-of-a-kind. Working from your design brief and specification, we'll use the latest dye sublimation techniques to create a set of bespoke uniforms for your team.
Simply choose your preferred curling shirts, shorts and trousers from the list below, and then download our dye sublimation garment outlines. You can then provide us with a design, or we'll create one based on your requirements. Simply let us know, and we'll guide you through the process.

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