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Dodge Ball

Dodgeball Uniforms, Kits, Shirts and Shorts

It's fast, it's furious, and it's no longer only an American sport. Dodgeball is growing in the UK, with teams springing up all over the country (before skilfully ducking out of the way). If you're starting or joining a dodgeball team, you're going to need a dodgeball kit. So you're going to need GFORCE.
We stock a range of dodgeball shirts, shorts and kits for both men's and ladies' teams, in a range of styles and designs. And, because our dodgeball uniforms are all completely customisable, you won't have any trouble making your team stand out.

Don't Duck Out of Making an Impression – Choose a Sublimated Dodgeball Strip

Our bespoke sublimated dodgeball kits can take some punishment. When you're hurling yourself out of the way of a barrage of balls, you can always count on your GFORCE kit to look great while you do it. That's because we use the latest dye sublimation techniques to create a strip that's vivid, unique, and able to withstand the hardest of games and repeated washing.
Put our kits to the test with your team. Simply choose a sublimated kit from our range, provide us with your design specifications, and sit back and await delivery. We're sure that when you wear your kit, you'll be amazed at how comfortable our dodgeball shirts are – and how intimidated the opposition is!

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