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Customisable Sublimated Quidditch Kits
From your chasers to your keepers, GFORCE Sportswear will clothe your quidditch team in custom quidditch kits that'll ensure your whole team pulls together on the pitch. All we don't provide is the brooms!
GFORCE created kits for the UK's first (Muggle) quidditch team – Keele Quidditch, along with the fearsome Reading Rocs, making us the country's number one choice for striking, unique team uniforms. To follow their lead and make sure your team looks the part; simply choose your kit style from the range below.

It's No Illusion – Our Dye Sublimated Kits Really Do Look Great
It might sound mystical, but our dye sublimation technique relies on technology, not magic, to create truly amazing bespoke quidditch kits. By impregnating your uniforms' fabric with designs, player names and team badges, we ensure that they'll stand up to the rigours of competitive quidditch for a whole season.
To order your sublimated kits, simply choose the sublimated quidditch shirt from the range below, and provide us with your design requirements. We'll have the finished product with you in around six weeks.

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