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Rowing, Canoeing and Sailing

Customisable Splash-proof Clothing for Rowing, Canoeing and Sailing

The open water is an unforgiving environment that demands respect. It also requires the right clothing, to keep you safe, warm and visible as you row, canoe or sail to victory. That's why GFORCE has designed a series of splash-proof jackets and gilets for use while rowing, canoeing and sailing.
Drawing upon years of sporting excellence, our clothing is the result of feedback from rowers and sailors down the decades, making it the number one choice for sailing, rowing and canoeing clubs all over the country. Make it your choice by ordering today.

Make a Splash with Sublimated Gilets and Jackets

All of GFORCE's clothes can be customised with your sailing club or rowing team's colours, badge or crest, thanks to our cutting edge dye sublimation techniques. By impregnating the fabric with dye, instead of printing a design, we ensure that your kit can withstand the elements.
Simply choose the garments you'd like from our rowing, canoeing and sailing selection, then provide us with your design requirements. We'll handle the rest.

Cyclone splash proof gilet (RGLC) VIEW
Strata splash proof gilet (RGLS) VIEW
Meteor splash proof gilet (RGLM) VIEW
Eclipse splash proof gilet (RGLE) VIEW
Nebular splash proof gilet (RGLN) VIEW
Flare splash proof gilet (RGLF) VIEW
Cyclone splash proof jacket (SPJC) VIEW
Strata splash proof jacket (SPJS) VIEW
Meteor splash proof jacket (SPJM) VIEW
Eclipse splash proof jacket (SPJE) VIEW
Nebular splash proof jacket (SPJN) VIEW
Flare splash proof jacket (SPJF) VIEW
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