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1906 - Grahame Gardner is founded

Grahames Schoolwear is founded by James Gardner Grahame and James Greenlees on London Road, Leicester, supplying daywear and Gymphlex PE clothing to local schools. This was the start of a British Sportswear Manufacturing Institution.

1910 - An early Grahame Gardner Poster

One of the early Grahame Gardner hand painted signs


1929 - Our very own sports shop

Sports Ltd was part of the family's business, selling specialist sporting equipment and clothing.


1930 - Sports Wear for Youth

Gymphlex's original slogan on a hand painted poster


1930 - The Scotland Rugby team choose Gymphlex

The Scotland rugby team choose Gymphlex as their official kit supplier. Pictured here the Scottish rugby team have a team photo at Twickenham following a successful year, with the founders son, Harry Greenlees, playing at fly-half.

1933 - Gymphlex family appear at Wimbledon

Bobby Meredith, England Tennis Captain chooses Gymphlex.

Bobby competed at every Wimbledon held between 1933 and 1950, and was Leicestershire County champion from 1922-46 and 1948-51.



1934 - Scotland Rugby continue to wear Gymphlex

The Scottish rugby team continue to wear Gymphlex as their official kit supplier, and are greeted here by the King.

1934 - Leicester Tigers choose Gymphlex

For the 1934/35 season Leicester Tigers choose Gymphlex as their official kit supplier. Harry Greenlees captained the side.

During this period there was the first BBC radio broadcast from Welford Road when Leicester beat Waterloo 21-5.


1936 - Grahame Gardner and Gymphlex become sister companies

Grahame Gardner and Gymphlex divide to become 2 separate companies. Prior to this the Gymphlex product lines were manufactured and sold under the Grahame Gardner brand.

1940 - The British Netball association choose Gymphlex

The All England Netball Association adopted a special outfit exclusively designed and made by Gymphlex.


1946 - Gymphlex moves to Lincolnshire

Gymphlex relocates from Leicester to Horncastle, Lincolnshire. This decision was made after Horncastle was identified as one of the areas, in a post war Britain with the greatest need for employment.

1947 - The British Swimming Association turn to Gymphlex

The British Swimming team choose Gymphlex for the Monte Carlo championships.

Great Britain came 5th in the medal table winning 1 gold, 2 silver and 2 bronze.


1947 - Dennis Compton chooses Gymphlex whilst playing Cricket for England.

Dennis Compton chooses Gymphlex whilst playing Cricket for England.

In 1947 he thrilled a war-weary English public by breaking record after record in scoring 3816 runs; he scored 18 centuries.

1947 - The British Squash team look to Gymphlex

Mahmoud El Karim wears Gymphlex.


1949 - Gymphlex supplies both the British and USA Ryder Cup teams.

Gymphlex supplied both the British and USA Ryder Cup teams.

This prestigious event was held at the Ganton Golf Club in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, England. The United States team won the competition by a score of 7 to 5 points.

1949 - Gymphlex appears at the FA Cup Final - Wembley

Gymphlex supplied the training suits at the FA cup final at Wembley.

The match was contested between Wolverhampton Wanderers and Leicester City, where Wolverhampton Wanderers went on to win the match 3-1


1950 - Gymphlex appears at the FA Cup Final for the second year running - Wembley

Gymphlex supplied the training suits at the FA cup final at Wembley.

The match was contested between Arsenal and Liverpool, where Arsenal went on to win the match 2-0 courtesy of two goals by Reg Lewis.

1953 - Gymphlex provides uniforms for the RAF Royal Tournament

Gymphlex provide sportswear to the Military tattoo and the Royal Tournament London.


1959 - Gymphlex begins supplying Ladybird Childrenswear

Gymphlex begins supplying Ladybird Childrenswear, a household name sold through Woolworths Ltd.

1966 - Gymphlex refocus their business approach

Gymphlex, after a number of years supplying Ladybird, decides to refocus once again on the sportswear side of the business, with the emphasis on supplying school outfitters, sports shops and department stores.


1973 - A new era for Gymphlex

Gymphlex opens purpose-built single-storey factory in Horncastle.

Horncastles new Gymphlex factory provides an example of the way in which the county of Lindsey is setting an example to the rest of the country of development in rural areas.

1978 - Mrs Thatcher meets Gymphlex

Mrs Thatcher meets our current managing director James Greenlees as a child aged 10 at our Leicester based factory.


1980 - Prince Charles chooses Gymphlex

Prince Charles chooses Gymphlex for his polo team.

1986 - Gymphlex celebrates 50 years as a brand

Gymphlex sportswear celebrates 50 years as a brand. Joint Managing Directors Mr George Greenlees, Mr James Wilson and Mrs. Allison Wilson celebrate the Gymphlex's 50th birthday.


1990 - Gymphlex expands to Japan and the USA

Gymphlex first exports to Japan and the USA. Which later resulted in a £500,000 order from Japan.

2001 - Manufacturing begins for Burberry and Barbour

Gymphlex starts manufacturing for iconic brands Burberry and Barbour.


2002 - Manufacturing begins for Margaret Howell

Gymphlex start to manufacter for Margaret Howell, an iconic brand in Japan and the UK.

2006 - Gymphlex celebrates 100 years

2006 marks an auspicious celebration for Gymphlex. It's 100 years since we begun manufacturing sports garments. Although the brand of Gymphlex was established in 1936 , the company was originally part of our sister company Grahame Gardner Ltd, founded in 1906.


2008 - GFORCE Teamwear is lauched

GFORCE Teamwear is launched by Gymphlex utilising the latest in technical fabrics and designs. This range is ideal for Teams, Clubs, Universities and Schools.

2010 - Leicester Tigers look to GFORCE

Leicester Tiger’s Events choose Gymphlex as sportswear supplier to their first National Corporate Rugby Sevens event. This remains an annual event which GFORCE provide kit for every year.


2011 - Gymphlex launch latest School Sportswear solution

Gymphlex launch new bespoke range; Gymphlex School sportswear Solution designed specifically with schools in mind, enabling them to differentiate themselves with a professional image, which can run across all sporting disciplines.

2011 - Launch of ONE NINE ZERO SIX by Gymphlex

A luxury menswear collection, all made in England, and based on Gymphlex's 100 years of sportswear manufacture.

This range can be found at www.oneninezerosix.co.uk


2012 - Gymphlex creates a GFORCE stock training wear range

Gymphlex announces the launch of GFORCE Stock training wear, a Stock Range of High Performance training wear based on the success of GFORCE.

2013 - Gymphlex launch "Gymphlex Sportswear since 1906"

Launch of Gymphlex Sportswear since 1906, a collection of everyday leisurewear inspired by Gymphlex. This collection has already been selling in Japan exclusively, but from June 2013 it will be sold in other countries around the world.

This range can be found at www.gymphlex.co.uk


2014 - GFORCE launch "myShop"

This ‘myShop’ can be built to reflect your own identity, using your colours and branding to create an online tool that suits your identity.

2014 - Rugby Barbados choose GFORCE

For the 2014 Hong Kong 7's Tournament Rugby Barbados choose GFORCE as their official kit supplier.

GFORCE also became the official replica kit supplier for the first time in our history. The shirt can be found here.


2014 - GFORCE continues to take on the world!

GFORCE and Gymphlex have enjoyed numerous International successes over recent years. The GFORCE brand has been snapped up by many international schools who have used it to create a bespoke range of school sportswear. In addition, the Gymphlex brand is hugely popular within the Japanese fashion market.

This year GFORCE was selected by the British School in the Netherlands to revamp their sports kit. The brand was also chosen by Zaks who supply many international school across the Middle East and UAE.

2014 - A new era for Gymphlex and Grahame Gardner

After over 70 years at Stamford street Leicester, Gymphlex and Grahame Gardner relocate to Woodside House, 218 London Road, Leicester.


2017 - GFORCE creates a new look for England Men's Roller Derby team

GFORCE Sportswear announced its official two-year partnership with the England Men's Roller Derby team, joining forces with the club as a key sponsor and official kit supplier as it prepares for the Men’s Roller Derby World Cup,  held in Manchester in February 2018. 

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