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We recognise the demand for modern high performance sportswear matched with the ultimate in dependable service. GFORCE Teamwear by Gymphlex Ltd is an innovative new approach to high performance sportswear. GFORCE develops, designs and creates custom garments for UK schools, colleges, universities and clubs that require sportswear that truly delivers. Applications for GFORCE teamwear include football, rugby, hockey and netball kits, swimwear, gymnastic leotards along with a selection of all-purpose sportswear. With a passion for sport, GFORCE prides itself in knowing how important it is to deliver high quality, affordable, multi-sport apparel with low order quantities and quick turnaround times.

The GFORCE Collection comprises of the following four amazing services:

GFORCE Cut and Sew

Cut and Sew refers to products that we manufacture with contrast panels, piping etc. Garment panels can be selected in any available colour, offering you a truly bespoke look to your GFORCE product. Create your own kit by downloading, designing and sending in your form to create own kit now! Click here to download a blank template for your sport.

With minimums of just 10.

GFORCE Dye Sublimation

Dye Sublimation is the latest advance in permanent printing. Rather like a tattoo, the ink actually impregnates the fabric, making its effect permanent and therefore unaffected by washing or ironing, enabling the creation of totally unique and personalised designs.

Technical Info – This printing process uses a combination of heat and pressure. White fabric passes into the machine and the required coloured inks are heated until they turn to a gas. This 'vaporised ink' is then forced into the fabric before being cooled, creating a permanent print inside the actual fabric.

With minimums of just 10.

GFORCE Signature

With the signature service you can customise the garments branding giving your kit a truly corporate image. All GFORCE products are supplied with GFORCE branded tape and labels. With the Signature service you can customise the garment branding giving your kit a truly corporate image. Just contact our Sales Team to discuss this amazing service.


Our Unique Service is the pinnacle of custom sportswear. Work with our design team to create your own style or range, with minimums as low as 10, in plain, panelled, hooped, the choices are endless.  Take advantage of our advanced manufacturing techniques which will allow you to add, modify or remove many features.


GFORCE have recently launched Sprint, offering Dye Sublimated garments with a lead time of only 4 to 5 weeks. The service extends to a wide number of garments in our range, and will mean that you can get your uniquely designed kit in a shorter lead time.

With minimums of just 10.


*For more information on any of these services, including lead times and minimums, please click here to see our terms and condition

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