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Getting the right fabric for your sporting prowess

Added 13 Aug 2020 by GFORCE

As the technology behind the different fabric options has rapidly developed over recent years, we’ve seen how customers can often be left in the dark about what the terminology actually means and the benefits each material can bring. If you’re bamboozled when it comes to choosing the right fabric for your sportswear requirements, then look no further than our handy GFORCE Sportswear fabric guide which gives you everything you need to know on our most popular fabrics.

Microforce 160gsm
This is our most durable, breathable and lightest weight fabric which also has the hidden benefit of helping to keep muscles at their peak! As such, this material is perfect for high energy sports such as football, netball, roller derby, basketball and athletics. Microforce is mainly for used for garments including polos, t-shirts and shorts because of how technical and lightweight the fabric is, making them comfortable and functional.

Eyedroplet 180gsm
If your priority is to keep cool, look no further than our breathe easy Eyedroplet fabric which is temperature controlling and also has visible perforation holes to keep sweat at bay. Again, this is mainly used for polos, t-shirts and shorts in those high energy sports but is also popular in cricket as it’s ideal for a long, hot day at the stumps!

Brushed Fleece 330gsm
This is a thick, warm fabric designed to keep players cosy and comfortable. It’s solely used for hooded tops, sweatpants or shorts so ideal for training kits, team tours or the subs bench on those cold, winter nights.

Dobby Ripstop
The wonderfully named ‘Dobby Ripstop’ is a finely textured fabric which protects players from the elements and is also waterproof. It’s mainly used for tracksuits and smock jackets so great for training kits or to withstand whatever the British weather has in store!

Fusion 220gsm
For a stylish and modern look, Fusion 220gsm is used for tapered or skinny fit tracksuits, common amongst the most fashionable, household name sportswear brands. This fabric is designed to keep the player warm and comfortable and is really popular with sports clubs and teams that want contemporary yet practical tracksuits for competitions to help them look the part.

Galera 270gsm
Galera 270gsm is incredibly versatile and hardwearing. It’s regularly used for kits for really physical sports such as rugby as it a full-bodied durable fabric with wicking fibre which promotes moisture absorbency to keep you dry. It’s also great for the outdoors and has cooling properties as well as allowing for maximum flexibility and movement. 

Thermax 290gsm
If you need an extra layer, then you’ll probably find that core clothing like leggings and tight-fitting thermal tops are made from Thermax 290gsm. This material has a four-way stretch, is super comfy, figure hugging and the thermal element provides high wicking properties, so it dries in really quick time. These garments are used mostly by gymnasts, rowers and dancers.

By cutting through the jargon, we hope you have a clearer idea of the benefits of our most popular fabrics and the impact your kit can make to you and your performance. And don’t forget, whatever you’re looking for from your sports kit, GFORCE Sportswear can cater for your every need!

For more information, please visit www.gforcesportswear.co.uk

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