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GFORCE Sportswear: Why kit out your team?

Added 17 Mar 2020 by GFORCE

For the majority of sports - especially those played in front of big crowds - participants wear a uniform or kit.

Even solo events like athletics and archery, when taking to the public stage, often see players of the same nationality don team colours. (Consider the consistent Olympic attire of Team GB.)

Just as those at the local level, five-a-side football teams use coloured bibs to indicate team membership. So, what’s the big deal about sports teamwear? Why have they remained so popular since a New York baseball team first adopted the idea almost two centuries ago? Here, we break down the benefits of kitting out your team in colours to be proud of.


Let’s start with the most basic reason to consider a kit: separating one team from the other! Can you imagine if rugby squads turned up in whatever jersey was on their bedroom floor that morning? Not only would the players struggle to track their teammates, but anyone watching (and the Six Nations draws 8.3m viewers per game) would have a hard time, too!

It’s crucial to get the colours right, though. Manchester United wore their grey 1996 away kit for half a match, before ditching it for blue and white, which they could spot one another in! (You can get your colours just right with GFORCE Sportswear. We offer state-of-the-art dye sublimation technology, so you can print whatever patterns, colours and designs you want and expect them to last and stand out from the crowd.

Identity and unity

Every athlete likes to know that someone has got their back, be it a colleague on the court or a supporter on the sidelines. Uniform clothing encourages feelings that the player is part of something bigger - be it a club or a country - and increases their confidence and pride in representing their team, region or country. The result is a boost in both the desire and ability to win matches!


From every team member on the pitch, including coaches and support staff, everyone plays their own role in the success of the club. With all members donning the same uniform, everyone is equal. A bespoke team kit also promotes kinship, rather than competition amongst teammates and when all members wear their uniform, they shed their separate identities and transform into one single unit. Afterall, they win or lose as a team, and not as individuals.                                       

Feel great

Good sportswear is made to last, with everything a player needs and nothing they don’t. They’re built from fabrics which wick sweat and let heat escape, so keeping the individuals clean and fresh becomes a breeze. High performance, technical fabrics benefit the wearer in both practical and easy-care ways as they are so simple to wash, breathable and allow athletes to move and flex further. And with moisture wicking specifications, sports people can feel much more comfortable because their body can regulate its temperature efficiently and the fabric touching the skin has a dry, nonsticky feel.

There are many reasons to choose matching sportswear when taking to the pitch, court, track or pool. (Research by one global brand found that athletes even go faster in contrasting colours!) And although we can’t guarantee victory every time, with GFORCE Sportswear you can be confident that your team will look and feel great, game after game!

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