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The GFORCE Guide To…Shinty

Added 17 Oct 2019 by GFORCE

Shinty has many similarities to modern-day hockey. There is even a version of the sport which can be played on ice as well. There are important differences between the two though. In shinty you can tackle opposing players with your shoulders and you can also play the ball through the air.

Actually, while shinty is a game most associated with Scotland, a more accurate comparison of would be with the Irish game hurling. First played more than 2,000 years ago, shinty was developed out of hurling but has gone on to have its own set of rules. The sports are still so similar though that, with a little compromise on the rules, a hurling/shinty match is played between Scotland and Ireland every year.

Shinty is played on a field very similar in dimensions to a football pitch, although often a little longer. Goals are also placed at either end and are a little bit higher than a football goal but about half as wide.

The ball used is quite similar to a baseball, while the sticks are similar to those used in hockey but are slanted and can be used with either side.

The wooden stick, referred to as a caman, can be carved according to a player’s height to fit them better.

Teams consist of 12 men or ten women and work together to move the ball around the pitch using their camans, aiming to get it into the back of the net.

After that the rules are simple. Over two halves of 45 minutes each, the winner is the team which scores most goals.

If this guide has tempted you to give shinty a try though, you should be aware of one thing. To experience a truly traditional game you will have to play it in winter.

If it sounds like your thing then make sure you get wrapped up well!

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