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Sports Focus: Flyball

Added 30 Jun 2017 by GFORCE

Here at GFORCE Sportswear, we love finding out about different up and coming sports and activities, in recent years, one in particular – Flyball, has become one of the fastest growing. In the first of our new series of Sports Focus blogs, Garry Black – team manager of the Kennet Zingers Flyball Club – explains all.

Fast-paced excitement, a team atmosphere and, of course, lots of adorable dogs – when it comes to flyball, there’s not a lot not to love. Along with my team, the Kennet Zingers, we train weekly, and we’re always welcoming new members to the group in search of a team sport that’s fun for both them and their pets.

The first question they always ask, however, is simple: What exactly is Flyball?

How does Flyball work?

In flyball, two teams of four dogs compete in a relay race, jumping four hurdles to retrieve a ball from a spring-loaded box, before returning over the hurdles again and back to the start line.

There are five heats in total and each heat is won by the first team that gets all four dogs back with the ball, without a foul. The race itself is won by the team who wins the best of all five heats.

The dogs race each other in lanes of 51 feet long and 20 feet apart. If they cross into an opposing team’s lane then it’s classed as a forfeit and the opposing team gets the point.

It sounds tough and a lot of training is required to ensure the dogs ignore  each other while racing, but they love it. The atmosphere at competitions is electric and the dogs love every minute!

How can people get involved with Flyball?

If you’re interested in joining a flyball team, head to the British Flyball Association’s website. Teams are popping up across the country all the time and you’ll be surprised how many exist in your area.The sport is growing fast and it’s a great experience to be a part of. Both you and your dog will love every second!

For more information about Garry’s team, the Kennet Zingers in Reading, visit http://kennetflyballclub.co.uk/

To find your local flyball team, head to www.flyball.org.uk

To find out about GFORCE Sportswear’s range of custom-made flyball kits, call our sales team on 0116 225 6326. 

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