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Niche Blog: The GFORCE Guide to… Dodgeball

Added 18 Sep 2017 by GFORCE

Dodgeball is a well-known sport worldwide, possibly because of it being a popular choice for rainy P.E. classes, or maybe thanks to the surge in interest it had after the Ben Stiller film of the same name was released.

So what’s it all about?

The game sees two teams run for a line of balls, which are placed across the middle of the court, they then try to get the other team out by using these balls. This is done by throwing and hitting their opponents with the ball, catching a ball thrown by the other team or forcing a player out of the boundaries of the court. Shots to the head are usually not allowed and, if a ball is caught, then a player from their team who has been eliminated after being hit can come back on to the court and continue the match.

The number of balls, players and game time can vary depending on the type of match that is being played. For example, in a game played with five balls, there must be a maximum of six players on each team and the game lasts for either two halves or four quarters of eight minutes.

The game may have originated with the ducking, diving and throwing of North American high school kids, but there is a professional level too.

A World Cup is held every two years and 2016’s inaugural event in Manchester saw England triumph in the men's and mixed categories, while Australia took the women's title.
Next year's 2017 tournament will be held at the 10,000 capacity Madison Square Garden in New York City.

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