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2. Casting

Added 24 Jul 2017 by GFORCE

This precision sport bears strong resemblance to what is one of man’s favourite pastimes, the sport of Casting is derived from the sport fishing.

Casting is the act of throwing a lure using a fishing line out over the water or dry ground at targets using a flexible fishing rod. For a long time all casting was done on water, but in the 1970s the practise of the sport moved from water ponds to sporting grounds and since then the sport can be competed at World Championships regularly. Competitors often use the same equipment when they dry cast as when they fish but neither bait nor fish are found anywhere in casting’s objects.

The origin of Casting can be traced to England and the United States during the second half of the 19th century. The first modern-day type tournament was organised in the outskirts of London in 1881.

The sport spread quickly around the world, with many local variations developing in different countries. It wasn't until 1955, the International Casting Federation was founded (now ICSF), this body set the International standards for the sport. The first ICF World Casting Championship was held two years later in Germany.

Casting Sport has been represented at the International World Games since 1981.

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