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Who has the World Cup WOW factor?

Added 14 Jun 2018 by GFORCE

The FIFA World Cup has finally arrived and here at GFORCE Sportswear HQ, we’ve been having a bit of fun looking at the array of football home shirt designs this year’s tournament will be showcasing. So, to find out which countries have got it right and who needs to try a bit harder next time, have a read of our World Cup 2018 shirt guide below!


Looking good

Wow! We just love the bold colours and eye catching design here that really makes Nigeria stand out from all the others. It gives a clear statement and shows genuine confidence which is exactly what you need during a World Cup! It’s also really fun and interesting. A feast for the eye!

It’s consistent but an absolute classic and so instantly recognisable we had to include it! The bold colours of the Brazilian flag with a simple design speak for itself. One of the best footballing countries in the world and they have a shirt to match!

We have to admire Germany here who have opted for something a little different and modern. It looks unique compared to the others and also has a different collar. The positioning of the number and the geometric pattern are big hits for us! (In fact, we should probably give a shout out to Mexico, Spain and Belgium too, as they all seem to have embraced a geometric element in their kit designs.)

Columbia hasn’t pulled any punches here! It's bright, it’s in your face and it's exciting. How could you not play well wearing that kit?!

Looking not so good

Boring, boring, boring. It looks like a t-shirt! And the shirt number, logo and emblem are all a bit squashed together. Although we have spotted a little subtle speckling in the side panels of this kit, but is it enough to stand out on the pitch? Sorry Tunisia, we don’t think it is!

It just doesn’t look like any thought has been put into Egypt’s offering. Again it is boring and doesn't look like a football shirt. We need more flair! This might be the Egyptian flag colours but we can’t spot their flags coat of arms on this kit… have they missed a trick?

South Korea
We think the designers had a day off when this shirt was prepared. Striking red, but a bit too plain. It's very basic with no background design or anything different. It’s just one block colour. They could have been a lot more creative with this one – even adding a contrasting collar and cuff trim would make all the difference here. Red card worthy?

The diagonal stipe reminds us of our school days and the sash we would have to wear to separate the teams out! Whilst this looks pretty smart and uniform in a team photo, we’re not sure we love it stand alone. And the number in black is a bit too harsh and dominant on the white t-shirt. Not a red card effort, but maybe a yellow for Peru.


What's your favourite World Cup Home kit? Head over to our social channels to let us know! 

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