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GFORCE Guide To...Women's Cricket

Added 01 Nov 2018 by GFORCE

In our latest GFORCE Guide To, we take a look at women’s cricket!

Cricket is one of the most tradition-laden sports in the world, with its pristine white kit and tea breaks. One aspect of the sport which is also steeped in tradition is the inclusion of women.

Women have been playing cricket from as early as 1745 and have had a profound effect on the development of the sport over the years.

The first ever Cricket World Cup of any kind was held in 1973, when England played host to the inaugural Women's World Cup.

Since then, cricket has experimented with new formats to capture fans' attention and that gave birth to Twenty20 cricket in 2003.

The play action remained the same, with bowlers hurling the ball towards stumps to try and beat batsmen who in turn are trying to score points by hitting the ball away and running as much as they
can before it comes back to them, or by getting it over the boundary for bonus points.

In Twenty20 cricket though, each team has just one innings each - meaning they have one turn to bat and one to bowl. The innings last a maximum of 20 overs, with each over consisting of six bowls.

This means games are much shorter and usually last around three hours, whereas other forms of the sport can take days to be completed.

The Women's World Twenty20 will continue this tradition in November as the international championships take place for the sixth time.

The West Indies will play host and will welcome three time victors Australia, as well as England,
India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Ireland (competing as both
Northern and the Republic of Ireland).

For a sport so richly steeped in tradition, it is not shy of reinvigorating itself. Let's see what steps cricket takes next to capture the imagination of its viewers!

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