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Sport Bash 2018

"For the 3rd consecutive year, we have tasked GFORCE Sportswear with creating custom branded kit for both of our Sport Bash 2018 cricket teams. As a charitable event, we have a lot of valued sponsors supporting the day that we needed to ensure were included on the kit too and the GFORCE team didn’t let us down. They designed and produced exactly what we needed, with a very short lead time and excellent personal service. "

Mansfield Badminton Club

"We work hard to promote the ethos of sportsmanship through the sport of badminton to young people and to provide a community club that welcomes children from all backgrounds, encourages fair play, social inclusion, and offers opportunities to play at club, district and regional level. Our thanks go to GFORCE Sportswear for their generous support."

Britannia Bowling Club, Chesterfield

"GFORCE are to be congratulated on their initiative at assisting team building at grassroots level. They offer a first-class design service and clearly strive to ensure that their customers are thoroughly satisfied with their quality end product."

Enderby Junior Dodgeball Club, Leicester

"We would like to say a huge thank you to GFORCE for giving our girls’ team this fantastic opportunity. As the first Girls Junior Dodgeball team in the UK it gives the team a cutting edge when on court. The support we have received from the Grassroots campaign has helped to increase the enjoyment that the girls have for dodgeball and their team and enhances our commitment to grow this area of the sport."

Kennel Club Agility Team GB

"The team love the new kit! We wanted the kit to look more modern, young and cool. As well as just the design, we needed to ensure that the material of the clothing was sweat resistant due to competitors competing in both hot and cold countries.Thanks to the accommodating and rapid customer service we received from GFORCE, we have been able to create a kit which is ready for competition on the world stage."

Leicester Tigers Corporate

"“For our 2017 Corporate Touch Tournament, we tasked GFORCE Teamwear with creating bespoke, stand out branded kit for all 10 of our participating teams… and they 100% delivered for us! We needed squad kits that not only amplified our own brand identity but celebrated each of our valued partners too whilst setting them each apart from their rival teams. The GFORCE team designed and produced exactly what we needed, and within very tight time frames. It was great to see the players run out onto the pitch in their fully branded kit on the day"

School of Bucharest

"“The kit was meant to celebrate our Britishness in a standout memorable kit design and it has certainly achieved our aims. We are really pleased with the final product – the design is great and the quality is also impressive. I’ve also had great feedback from the staff and students. I would recommend GFORCE without a doubt for delivering a great product with good customer service."

Stratford Prep

"“Any new kit will look smart, but what we were interested in is how well it will project our image after the delivery, when the children have been wearing it and washing it for a while. After assessing the different sports kit suppliers, we deduced that GFORCE was the ideal partner, particularly as they were able to give us a fully customised kit, despite being a relatively small school.”"

Nottingham Academy Basketball

"After much research I selected GFORCE as their customer service was head and shoulders above the rest and the product looked great. Now we actually have the kit I am pleased to say I am not disappointed, in fact, we are so impressed that we are just at the final stages of placing a comparable order for the girls"

Havant Youth Bowling Club

"We are so pleased with the final kit. It is not uncommon for our team to play 3 or 4 times over a weekend when involved in a competition and with these shirts we can hand wash them overnight and they are dry and ready to wear for the morning"

Engineering Eagles at the University of Birmingham

"After 10 years playing in standard sports kit, the team have been over the moon to finally get a professional quality kit. It seems to be standing us in really good stead as we are currently unbeaten, halfway through the season and riding high at the top of the league"

Banbury Blues Netball Club

"We were bowled over by the support the event attracted, everyone seemed to pull out all the stops to make it as big a success as possible. All went off without a hitch, and we managed to play through the night, although a few people did fall asleep! The dresses were brilliant and the talk of the night, GFORCE turned them around quickly for us and they looked fab."

William Brookes School

"I have a theory that you can look at a team and accurately predict how they are going to perform before they have even touched a ball. The look of the team is of critical importance, and our girls now have a competitive edge by turning up in a professional kit. The new GFORCE shirt is perfect for us, the girls love it and I am very happy with the way our team now looks"

Falinge Park High School

"We strongly believe that all children and young people can participate in and enjoy sport and physical activities. Our new GFORCE kit helps us all come together to present a unified image and supports the creation of a cohesive team. The flexible nature of the kit means that it can be worn for all sports within PE, and performs well for everyone. We have been very pleased with the product and service we have received from GFORCE, the quality is great and the parents, staff and pupils have all responded very favourably"

Tigers Events

"Our staff previously wore pink formal shirts, which looked smart but collectively did nothing to amplify our brand. GFORCE worked with us to understand what we wanted and created a dye-sublimated shirt with our branding throughout. This new shirt presents a very unified image and fits in perfectly with the events that we are present at"

Go Dance Studios

"We had worked with Gymphlex before to create custom team tracksuits which are very popular with the team, to wear to and from competitions and displays. So when we embarked on looking for a new performance kit Gymphlex were the obvious suppliers for us to turn to. Even though they did not have the designs that we were looking for, they listened to us to understand our needs and created the perfect outfit just for us"

East Cheshire County Hockey (ECCH)

"We had a number of problems with our old kit so decided to hunt for a new supplier and GFORCE were successful in winning the contract. I am pleased they did as the quality of the kit is far superior. The comfort and the technical properties of the fabric has made the shirt a big hit with the players, and the fact that it washes so well and requires no ironing is very popular with parents"

Keele Quiditch team

"We were training for quite a while before any other Quidditch teams emerged, so had had plenty of time to sharpen up our game before we had a competitive match. However, our image still needed some work. We had initially requested that all members wore a green top, but with so many different shades of green this created quite a messy look, not the professional unified look we were after. This new GFORCE kit demonstrates the commitment the team shows and reflects the professional way in which we approach the sport – finally we look like a force to be reckoned with"

Goxhill Bowls

"Over the last decade many bowls clubs have invested in bespoke shirts, but we still played in white and grey and I felt it was time to smarten up our act. I had seen the GFORCE kit before, and thought it looked so smart, so was keen to see what they could do for us. The service we have received along the way has been 100%, the Gymphlex team have pulled out all the stops to sort everything out for us and now we all look like a team in our coloured club shirts"

Pocklington School

"I was familiar with GFORCE and knew they had a very strong reputation within the industry, so when we began looking for a new Rugby identity I knew where to go and I have not been disappointed. Gymphlex actively fight to keep their prices down so they can offer great value to their customers and we felt we got a really good deal for such a high quality kit"

Barbados Rugby Union team

"There were many criteria that the new supplier had to fulfil, but 2 of the major ones were the price and the quality – both of which GFORCE performed very well on. We were not ready to change the look of the playing shirt, so GFORCE recreated the current identity on the replica shirt and we are very happy with the result. They are also selling the shirt direct for us, making sure it gets to our fans with minimum delay, and making things easier for the club’s administration"

Rawcliffe netball club

"I really was not looking forward to ordering new custom made netball dresses for our senior teams, from past experience it can be a nightmare with delays, missed delivery dates, disappointing quality etc. Not so with GForce, my order was handled efficiently by one person, I was regularly updated, delivery dates were met, and we now have a quality product. BONUS the girls report that the dresses are also comfortable to play in. Thank you for your excellent customer service."

The British School in the Netherlands

"We have been considering a customised kit for a while, the sports department were yet to be convinced, but our new branding provided the perfect opportunity. With the COBIS Games, over 200 junior aged students from around the world come to our school so it was important we gave the very best impression possible. I am glad to say the kit was very well received. We performed very well in the Tournament winning the Athletics and coming 4th in the overall results. With the Sports Department now open to the idea of a personalised kit we are hoping to roll out a modified version of these garments for competing students in our Senior School"

Rode Park

"The weather has been so unpredictable this year, our new kits have been essential in ensuring we make the most of what training and playing time we do have. The jacket and hoodie provide much needed protection from the wind and rain. Although we can optimistically predict that the sun will begin to shine at some point in the near future – it is certainly good to be prepared for every eventuality"

HOPE Against Cancer golf tournament

"We were overwhelmed by the response to our first ever golf day, both in terms of teams and sponsors. Everyone who attended was treated to a variety of fun and enjoyable activities which were all fully sponsored, including Champagne and Smoked Salmon on the 17th tee! The GFORCE team really looked the part, and came home to win in true style, but there was really only one true winner: The HOPE Foundation!"

Hinckley Ladies Netball Club

"We wanted to ensure that we maintained a uniform look whilst giving people the choice to play in whatever garments they felt most comfortable in.” Laura continues, “Most choose the dress, but some go for the skorts and top – all of us believe that the kit makes us play better as it feels so great. The quality of the kit is superb and we have been delighted with the service Gymphlex have provided from start to finish"

British Minigolf team

"Minigolf is big business throughout Europe, so the British team were on the back foot in terms of the experience within the team and the access to facilities within their homeland. Bearing this in mind they really did put in a storming performance. The fact that they broke so many records is testament to the exceptional promise within the team – roll on the next Championship in 2015"

Skegness Grammar School

"As a lead school in sport it is vitally important that we have the right image on the playing field. With this in mind we selected an athletics vest for pupils to wear when representing the school at meets. The staff are also terrific ambassadors for the school, so we decided that they too should have a unified image provided by GFORCE. I am delighted to report that the kit has been well received by one and all, even parents have commented on the superior quality of the garments"

Gosfield School

"We were keen to use the kit to enhance the house ethos and Gymphlex worked with us to identify the best design to do this. The pupils have started the new academic year in their kit and the feedback has been very positive. We compete in a number of interschool fixtures and also host the Independent Schools Association regional cross country event – so it is of particular importance that we all look our best at all times when competing"

Walton Girls’ High School

"I changed the team kit because what we were wearing previously appeared outdated, especially when we were playing at District and County level. I think the students now look very smart – the colours are unique to the school and we are easily recognised in competition. We have even received several complements from other PE Departments"

Isle of Man Cricket Club

"We were over the moon to win the championship in Corfu. For a relatively small club which has only been playing since 2004 this is a really big deal. We are all feeling very positive for next year and cannot wait for the new season to get started. The GFORCE kits performed very well, both in the UK and abroad and Gymphlex have been great to deal with. We look forward to working with them again next year"

Craig Stewart wears his clan tartan with pride

"Although my new track look will not be unveiled until next Spring, I have given some of my team mates a bit of a preview and they have been suitably impressed. Gymphlex were great to work with, giving me exactly what I was looking for and I cannot wait to give it an airing on the track next year"

Stockport College

"We wanted a professional identity, but also needed a kit that would be comfortable and warm to suit all the environments where we need to teach. GFORCE PLUS was just the job – but most impressive was that Gymphlex were able to fulfil the order so quickly. We are all very happy with our new kit and will be seeking to develop our relationship with Gymphlex in the future"

Kingsway Park

"Establishing a new school is a massive task and it is very important to try and create unity across the students and staff as soon as possible. This unification is essential in ensuring the success of the school and the image is a key component of this. Gymphlex readily understood what we were trying to achieve and our GFORCE kit receives much admiration by parents, visitors and other schools"

KITC Netball Club

"There is something about the flexibility of the GFORCE range which empowers people to let their imaginations run wild. We have produced some very interesting designs for customers over the years – KITC made excellent use of colour, incorporating bold tones to create a kit that will really stand out. Well done for their efforts, we think the finished kit looks great and hope they do too. Thank you as well to everyone who entered the competition, the standard just gets higher and higher each year!”"

Bear Babies Netball Club

"I am quite creative and like designing things, so the competition really appealed to me. I did find that it was quite tricky to design the garment though, working out what to include and where things should go. I am really pleased with the finished kit – it looks really cool"

University of East Anglia

"I was lucky enough to play in the Leicester Tigers Corporate 7’s over the summer holidays, and all the participants played in GFORCE kit. This gave me the opportunity to see first-hand how it felt to play in and to understand the potential for customising the kit however we wanted – so when it came to choosing who to work with for the University of East Anglia team there really was only one contender. The kit has been very well received, both from our players, and also our opponents"

Aces High

"As a growing team we are always looking for new members, and these shows are a brilliant showcase for Aces High and a great tool for attracting new members. This is one of the reasons we felt it was time to invest in a new kit so that we project the right image. The entire team is now looking great, the dogs in their little sports jackets and the owners in the new GFORCE kit"

50 cal Embroidery

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your outstanding work you have done for me in the past few months. When the product arrives it is always exactly as the job sheet and the quality is always superb. I hope we can continue to move forward and I thank you once again for your professionalism and the `going the extra mile ` ability you seem to have."

Speed Chills

"Speed Chills were looking for a fresh look and feel for the Speed Chills Girl’s outfits for 2011 that would work equally well in any environment, from working with partner racing teams to client hospitality. The flexibility of the GFORCE design process allowed us to create our own design that is a perfect fit with the Speed Chills brand."

Walton Girls High School

"GFORCE were able to provide us with a kit that met our high standards all delivered smoothly and efficiently"

Bedale School

"GFORCE was just what we were looking for. Although sportswear cannot affect innate ability, it can change perception and improve the confidence in the wearer. These are important criteria in terms of achieving sporting success"

St Lawrence College

"The designs were contemporary and were developed to offer improved performance, using technical fabrics. Gymphlex were very helpful in assisting me to identify the perfect selection of garments to meet the requirements of the school."

Team Force

"Our new image and kit is a great hit with all the players. I knew that GFORCE did a great job but I think we have all been surprised by the quality of the dresses, particularly how lightweight and comfortable they are. We are also delighted to report that the dresses receive compliments from the competition all the time"

Lincolnshire Cricket Club

"With the Board having such a key role in the development of the sport within the County, we feel it is essential that we have a professional image. Gymphlex understood our needs and with GFORCE were able to provide us with a kit that met our high standards"

Kesteven Rugby Club

"With only a limited budget available we wanted to use this to make as big an impact on the kit as possible. We decided that new shirts would transform the image of the club. Gymphlex worked closely with us to get the design of the kit right and the finished shirts have proved popular throughout the club."

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